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Administration Committees
Chair: Terri Detrick
Monthly Program Committees - Chair: Ann Way
Each month a group of members are responsible for obtaining speakers for the weekly meetings.
Weekly Bulletin/Archives - Club Secretary
The club secretary is responsible for producing the weekly bulletin and archiving appropriate club policies and documents.
Attendance - Club Treasurer and Secretary
The club treasurer takes the weekly attendance and the secretary enters the data into the attendance database.
Fellowship Committee - Chair: Ann Way & Francine Kanyok
The Fellowship committee is charged with organizing club social activities, mixers and various social activities with other organizations.
Awards - Chair: Mary Tempest
The awards committee consists of: the President, Immediate Past Pres., Secretary and Treasurer, who determine which members will be recipients of the annual year end awards and club designated Paul Harris Awards.
Project Committee - Donations - Chair: Sandy Lane
The project committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard to which organizations the Club should support with donations and how large each donation should be.  The Board has the final decision over the donations and can make changes and additions to the list generated by the Project Committee.