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2022-2023 New Members
At the March 30 Rotary Luncheon, Nicolette Morgan (left) was inducted into Rotary by Membership Chair Mary Tempest (right).  Francine Kanyok (center) was Nicky's sponsor.  

At the Feb 16 Tunkhannock Rotary Luncheon at Shadowbrook Resort, Jessica Turner (center) was inducted into Rotary by Membership Chair Mary Tempest (right).  Jessica, who works in accounting, was sponsored by Gina Suydam (left).

At the Jan 26 Rotary Meeting, Membership Co-Chair Ron Furman inducted Wyoming County District Attorney Joseph Peters into Rotary.  Joe was sponsored by Frank Oliver.
Joe was a cop who became a lawyer, chief of PA bureau of narcotics investigation, mafia prosecutor in Philly, 4 years in White House as deputy drug czar (2 yrs with Clinton and 2 yr with Bush). He was elected Wyoming County District Attorney in 2022. He has learned that best results are from grass root community responses.

L to R: Frank Oliver, DA Joseph Peters and Ron Furman

At the Jan 5 Rotary Luncheon at Shadowbrook, Membership Chair Mary Tempest inducted Sarah Streby into Rotary.  Sarah's sponsor was Frank Oliver.  Please join us in welcoming Sarah as our newest Tunkhannock Rotarian.

L to R: Frank Oliver, Mary Tempest & Sarah Streby

At the Oct 13 lunch meeting at Shadowbrook, Club Membership Chair Mary Tempest inducted A. Stacy Huber (left), mayor of Tunkhannock, into Rotary. He was sponsored by Harry Sharpe (right). 
Stacy is a former Rotarian and indicated he was very happy to be back in Rotary.

In Sept., 2 new members were inducted into the Tunkhannock Rotary, Donna Wald and Michael J Markovitz.

l to r: Donna Wald, Membership chair Mary Tempest, Michael J. Markovitz and President Mike Markovitz.