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At the Sept 5 Rotary Luncheon, the Club had the opportunity to welcome and hear from all 3 of our inbound exchange students: 
  1. Jana Vickeva from the Czech Republic, who arrived in Aug, 
  2. Lol-Enrique (Kike) Caro Paredes from Peru, who has been here since Feb and 
  3. Alejandra (Ale) Carolina Vizcaino-Ruiz from Ecuador, who arrived in Aug.
At the weekly Rotary meetings, the students talk about their classes at Tunkhannock Area High School, sports and activities with other students and their host families.

Jana, Kike and Ale
Lol-Enrique (Kike) Caro Paredes, from Peru
At the Feb 14 Rotary Luncheon, the Club had the first opportunity to meet our newest inbound exchange student Lol-Enrique (Kike) Caro Paredes, from Peru.  Kike left Lima Peru on Monday but due to delays and transits through Atlanta and Philly on his way to Scranton, he arrived on Wed. Feb 13. He along with exchange student Andrew from Poland are staying with the Kozloski host family.  Kike will be staying in Tunkhannock until Dec 2019. since his exchange year did not begin until Feb.

Lol-Enrique (Kike) Caro Paredes inbound student from Peru
Alejandra (Ale) Carolina Vizcaino-Ruiz from Ecuador
At the Aug 15 Rotary Luncheon, Pres. Sandy Lane introduced our new Inbound exchange student from Ecuador, Alejandra (Ale) Carolina Vizcaino-Ruiz, who is being hosted by Rotarian Mary Tempest.  She arrived late Wed night.  She did a presentation for the Club on Sept. 5.
Ale’s father is a tourist guide and her Mom works in a travel agency.  Her big sister is 21 years old and studying technology in Ecuador. Nicky and Bruno are her pet dogs. She practices fencing and also dancing.
Ecuador is a small country, which includes the Galapagos Islands, and now uses American money instead of their old native currency.  The Galapagos are famous for its old large turtles. 
Ale then shared pictures of some of the traditional foods and their national costumes. She lives in Quito, the capital city, with the famous Basilica del Voto Nacional. They also have a volcano, Pichincha, as well as other nearby volcanos, the equatorial line and approximately 1.9 million people. Dec 6 is Independence Day and they have parties and play cards.

Alejandra (Ale) Carolina Vizcaino-Ruiz from Ecuador
Jana Vickeva from the Czech Republic
Jana Vickeva is our inbound exchange student from the Czech Republic. She gave a presentation to the Club at our Oc 3 Rotary Luncheon.