On August 14, 2014, the Tunkhannock Rotary Club welcomed incoming exchange student, Shiv Naik from District 3060 in India. Shiv gave a brief presentation to the Club explaining that he wanted to come to the US as an exchange student to experience our culture and learn about the way we do things. In return, he planned to share with us facets of Indian culture and customs and presented a gift to President Norm Kelly.
Shiv Naik later spoke at the March 5, 2015 Tunkhannock Rotary Club Luncheon. Shiv's parents are dentists (his father is a member of the Rotary Club of Vapi India) and he has a twin brother Hari, who is an exchange student in Florida this year. Shiv talked about his sponsoring Rotary Club in India, the permanent projects that they have undertaken and about the incredible diversity in India with 4 major religions, 28 states and 25 major languages.

Shiv Naik, dressed in Indian garb, speaking at March 5, 2015 Rotary Luncheon
Shiv then spoke about his time in the US. Although he loves our fast food (especially hamburgers), he does miss some of the foods of India. He loves music and theater and acted in the play Break a Leg in the Fall at the High School. He did cross-country last Fall and was on the Tunkhannock Swim Team.
He has experienced several firsts: his first METS game, first Thanksgiving, first snow. Shiv also went to his first Homecoming Event and he was Homecoming King. In the article in the school newsletter, Shiv stated, “I was surprised when I got Homecoming King. It was truly an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.”
Along with the other 5 exchange students in Rotary District 7410, he went to New York City in December, attended a UN Conference and they later in their exchange year visited Washington D.C.
Before Shiv left us on June 15 to return home to India, the Club entertained him at our June 4 Rotary Luncheon and presented him with some mementos of his time with us in Tunkhannock and PA. Shiv and President Norm Kelly exchanged Club banners. Jeannie Brady gave Shiv a card with a small gift. Secretary Carol Ziomek gave him a hamburger shaped USB drive with photos of Shiv from his year with us. On behalf of the Club, President Norm presented Shiv with a book on PA that was not only signed by the book’s author but by many members of the Rotary Club of Tunkhannock.

Shiv exchanging banners with President Norm, with his hamburger USB drive of photos and receiving a signed book on PA.